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        LVSUN龍威盛全球服務熱線400-080-3800 龍威盛網上商城 English
        廣東省名牌 | 國家高新技術企業
        首 頁 關于龍威盛 產品中心 新聞資訊 會員中心 招商加盟
        產品規格:DC output: 12-24V 8A 120W(MAX) USB output: DC 5V 1A (MAX)
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        Product specification:

        AC input: 100-240V, 1.8A  50-60Hz
        DC output: 12-24V  8A 120W(MAX)
        USB output: DC 5V 1A (MAX)
        Size: 179*67*31mm
        Net Weight: 514.6g


        Product features:

        1.   Slim curve housing with willow-like and jade-green working indicator, fashionable and
              smart appearance, portable.
        2.   Charge or supply power for laptop as well as MP3, mobile phones, digital cameras and
              camcorders etc.
        3.   LCD screen on the DC cable indicates working voltage in jade-green color
              automatically when different connectors  used, visual and reliable.
        4.   More than 29 optional connectors cover almost all brands of laptop and digital
              cameras/camcorders etc.
        5.   Adopt SCM computer controlling technique to make sure working precision
        6.   Adopt ABS+PC materials for the housing, being safe and environmental friendly.
        7.   Automatic computer electrical overload test and high temperature overload aging test
              before shipment to ensure safe.
        8.   Built PFC inside and high efficiency up to 90%
        9.   Self-designing and produced with several applied patents.
        10. AC Input 100-240V worldwide compatible.
        11. The widest output voltage: 12V to 24V, with USB 5V.



        粵公網安備 44030902000663號